Controlling access to resources has never been greater than it is today. With the increasing security required to protect vital network infrastructures, secure content-sensitive files, limit general building access, and restrict private-offices, comes the need to implement a practical means of controlling access.

The cost of rekeying a facility when a key is either lost, an employee goes rogue, or a former employee may still have access, is very high. Many professional locksmithing shops charge up to $25 per lock to reconfigure its pins, and new keys must also be cut. Rather than pay the expense of re-keying existing locks and making new keys, it is much easier to edit a list to disable access for an individual, or several individuals if necessary. It saves you money and is quick, easy and reduces your exposure time that would spend waiting for a locksmith to arrive and complete the work.

Access control devices can be installed into or onto most existing commercial doors and door frames. Electric strikes, magnetic locks and electric door-push-bars are available for nearly any situation.

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Control Software & Control Panels

Keyscan systems are designed to make access control as easy as possible to implement in your facility. Whether you are designing a basic system with a single door or a complex system with hundreds of doors in multiple facilities around the world, Keyscan has an access control solution to suit your needs.

IDenticard/Premisys offer excellent, scalable software and hardware solutions for facility access management via the latest key card technology.

Door Strikes and Door Hardware

HES offers extremely durable electric strikes for just about any door configuration.

Von Duprin and Schlage offer a multitude of door hardware latch sets, trim and panic exit devices, complying with life-safety code requirements where needed.

Prox Cards

HID is the global leader in proximity and smart card credentials and readers.

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