We Could Not Be More Pleased With the Service

These past months have been incredibly difficult for most small businesses.  This is even more true for Saint Sophie’s Psychiatric Center.  In addition to typical business considerations, we have patients who suffer from a variety of mental illnesses who need to be seen on a regular basis.

In a matter of days, Saint Sophie’s [Psychiatric Center] went from having eight providers with full schedules in the building to having almost all the providers rendering care from their homes.  Of course this required technical, network, and equipment needs.  But it also required the highest level of security and privacy our patients need.

The NetCenter [Technologies] team, and specifically Michael R., have been incredibly responsive, fast, and accurate in this tough time.  Michael and his team have been able to problem-solve so many different problems that have come up.

Also, there have been several times where the team has anticipated a possible problem, and proactively worked to keep us up and running.

Not only are they technically good at what they do, but they are also cheerful, polite, patient, and fun to work with.  We could not be more pleased with the service.



Saint Sophie's http://saint-sophies

NetCenter Technologies Installed, Guaranteed, And Delivered Exactly What We Asked For

NetCenter Technologies was an excellent choice for installing our audio, visual, and NEC telephone system components to our new building. The one company providing all of our technology needs really saved us time with not having to coordinate multiple vendors. They worked with us on exactly what we needed and delivered, installed and guaranteed the work they did. The whole transition was professional, smooth and seamless, thank you to everyone at NetCenter Technologies for taking care of us at VFW Post 7564, West Fargo.

Brad Reed Post Commander 2017-19
West Fargo VFW Post 7564

Stop Struggling To Keep Up With Technology, Ask For Help And Advice From NCT

“Working with NCT is like having your own IT department instead of trying to manage your network on your own.

 NCT has systems in place for doing continuous online monitoring and systematic updating of your network and computers.  NCT is responsive and provides proactive attention to our needs.

I’ll tell you one thing, focus on what you do best, your job.  Stop struggling to keep up with technology and ask for help and advice from NCT.”

Wendy L. Ritchison Controller
Conmy Feste Ltd.
Fargo, ND

One Of The Easiest Technology Upgrades I Have Ever Experienced!

“Moving over to NCT was one of the easiest technology upgrades I have ever experienced!  Our day to day operations continued with little interruption.  It was a refreshing change from past companies we have worked with.  A major improvement in our telecommunications with the NEC SV9100 voice network.  Great to work with a company that provides both Voice and Data.”

Marc Kramer Information Systems Manager
Northern Improvement Company
Fargo, ND

NCT Provides Piece Of Mind And Communication Is Absolutely Second To None

The BIGGEST benefit NCT provides us is piece of mind that our needs are met within minutes of having any technical problems. NCT’s IT help desk is prompt, efficient and EXCEPTIONAL to work with! The thorough communication in every aspect of NCT's departments is second to none.
Communication is everything when it comes down to knowing what's going on when working with any company. NCT excels in keeping our practice informed with our IT setup, what we need for our business specifically and never overselling us. NCT takes what once was a very unfamiliar area (technology) and makes us now very comfortable asking questions, reporting problems and knowing they are taken care of seamlessly. Putting 100% of our trust into a company that takes care of the "lifeline" of our business allows us to become more efficient and productive as a company.

Lisa Berge Practice Manager/Licensed Veterinary Technician
Two Rivers Veterinary Hospital
West Fargo, ND

NetCenter Technologies Provides A Quick Turn Around, Sometimes Within Minutes

NCT provides us with a quick turn around when we have an IT problem. We have very few IT issues but when we do, we have a service tech on the line within minutes! It’s nice when we call them, they are familiar with who we are and what we do. I like that we don’t have to explain what systems we are using every time we call in.

If you are ever on the fence about choosing an IT company call me, we have been working with NCT for several years for IT services and are very happy with them. They provide competitive rates; a great service record and they give back to our Agency. I don’t feel like we are just another customer and don’t get put on the back burner.

Kathy Potter Executive Director
Access of the Red River Valley
Moorhead, MN

We Love Partnering With NetCenter Technologies For Our Phone System And Technology Needs

We have used NetCenter Technologies for many years for our phone system and technology needs from system upgrades, troubleshooting and overall system enhancements.  The sales team listens carefully to our requests and presents us with proposal options we can structure to satisfy our company needs.  The technical staff is great with preparing for system upgrades which makes the process smooth, quick and does not impede our daily business.  The support team is responsive and helps us get a resolution quickly.  We love partnering with NetCenter Technologies for our phone system and technology needs.

Ryan Moran IT Administrator
Laney’s Inc
Fargo, ND

The NEC SV9100 Helps Me Be More Productive And Efficient Doing My Job

The NEC SV9100 telephone system makes it very easy to do my job as a receptionist.  I have worked with and helped implement the NEC SV9100 with NetCenter Technologies in two different businesses, one being a small law office and the other a large service company and, in both instances, it enhanced my job and made me much more proficient at what I do.  I love being able to direct calls more efficiently using the NEC desktop suite functionality.  I am able to quickly see whether the recipient is available previous to processing the call or directing it immediately to their voicemail.

The instant messaging feature is extremely helpful in trying to be discreet when a customer walks in and asks to speak with someone or if I simply have a quick question I can do so without much interruption.  I also like that I do not have to take my hands off of my computer with using a headset which means I am able to continue working on other tasks at the same time I am taking phone calls.  All said, I love the usefulness of the NEC SV9100 and would recommend it to others.

Maren Receptionist/Accounts Receivable
Fargo, ND

NetCenter Technologies, Inc Is Our Subject Matter Experts For All Things IT

NCT is our subject matter experts for all things IT. We don’t need or have someone on our staff taking care of IT issues. NCT monitors that status of our equipment and recommends improvements when needed. NCT’s technicians are very easy to work with and involve you as much or as little as you want.

Laurie Lundstrom Office Manager
Spectrum Aeromed
Fargo ND

I WOULD Highly Recommend NetCenter Technologies To Anyone Looking To Upgrade Their Communications Systems

Our school is able to connect with each other seamlessly since moving to the NEC SV9100 solution.  From the initial bidding to the installation to the customer service NCT has been tremendous!  I would highly recommend NCT to anyone looking to upgrade their current communications systems!

Brian Wolf Superintendent
Maple Valley School District
Tower City, ND

NetCenter Technologies Is Responsive, Knowledgeable, And Easy To Work With At A Competitive Price

We have worked with NCT for many years, the biggest value we have found in working with them is peace of mind. I know that my systems will always work when I need them.

NCT is always ahead of the game as it pertains to maintenance of our hardware and software. If someone was on the fence about choosing a voice and data provider, I would tell them in my experience NCT provides the most value for your money. You can rest easy knowing they have your back.

Al Schrock Operations Manager
Valley Express Trucking
Mapleton, ND

NetCenter Technologies Provides Timely Solutions Relevant To Our Needs

NCT provides timely solutions that are relevant to our needs, not just the industry.  NCT treats you as if you were one of their own.  You’re looked at as a customer, not a profit margin!

Adam Silbernagel SVP Chief Information Officer
Town and Country Credit Union
Fargo, ND

NetCenter Technologies Listens To Its Clients Carefully And More Intently Providing Knowledge And Guidance With No Pressure Sales

NCT listens to its clients carefully and more intently than others we have worked with in the past. They provide solutions their clients need while providing knowledge and guidance around available options. No pressure sales.
Our biggest benefit for our team with the NEC system has been the ability to work remotely and access the agent and queue monitoring functions from any device.

Kelly Prichard Vice President of Customer Support
Fargo, ND

Our Telephone System Is The Lifeblood Of Our Company, NetCenter Technologies Followed Through And Offered Great Service At A Competitive Price

We love the NEC Desktop Suite Messaging and Presence interface along with the NEC Call Accounting Package, they both save us time and money.  We have been using NCT for at least 12-years.  NCT always follows through and completes projects in a timely manner which is important to us as our telephone system is the lifeblood of our company.  NCT provides very good service and support all at a competitive price!

Robert Wheeler Executive Director
Region 1
Moorhead, MN

Going With NetCenter Technologies Has Been One Of The Best Decisions We Have Made

It’s hard to separate all of the benefits we have found with NCT, as they are all very valuable. One of main benefits would include being able to contact just one company for all of our technology needs which include low voltage cable, IT, telephone system options and audio video for products and support. We know the staff at NCT, we know whatever we are calling about will be addressed quickly and efficiently with experienced technicians.

We have used several IT companies in the past and did not receive correct information based on what our actual requirements and needs were. We would receive adequate response times but end up calling them back to fix the same problems over and over. A big factor was not receiving full well-rounded advice and follow up like we receive from NCT. From a purchaser standpoint, many companies don’t want to hear the cost and elements required for their business because it can be one of those intangibles, everyone just wants it to work. But if you truly want to move forward without issues, you need to seek advice, weigh all options (and multiple bids) and understand the differences in service provided and quality of that service and product.

One of the major factors to this day that stays with me is when we called NCT to discuss our equipment and support, I had 3 very competent employees from NCT in different areas of expertise show up to meet with me. In addition, I was provided their office furniture representative to assist with our furnishing needs. They truly do provide it all. These representatives listened to my needs, addressed our problems and concerns, offered solutions and ideas I hadn’t considered and accepted multiple questions from me to work through all the details. I know I can contact any one of these representatives plus numerous support technicians to help me. I really feel we have developed a key vendor/client relationship that is comfortable and still professional. This has been one of the best decisions we have made!

Connie Klug Manager of Real Estate Facilities Operations
PF Baseline Fitness, LLC
Fargo, ND

NCT Goes Above And Beyond

I would like to compliment your Network Engineer, Dan Fischer, for the exemplary service he provided to Metro COG during our office move. Dan has always delivered excellent technical service and support, and is always professional and courteous. In this case, we believe he went above and beyond to get us connected and up and running in an
impressively short time, with little to no problems arising after the fact. Both our electrician and IT service provider refused to terminate CAT-5 cable ends for connectivity, and given what could have been a disastrous and massive setback, Dan offered to get us set-up and connected. On top of that, while Dan could have easily terminated the cables with network jacks, he instead hard-wired all of the cabling into a patch panel to get it done efficiently, correctly, and professionally. I am beyond impressed with the level of service that Dan has always offered, but I am especially grateful for his services in this instance. He is a great representative and an asset to your company.

Savanna Leach Executive Assistant
Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments
Fargo, ND