Video surveillance has been a popular tool of security for decades. Bulky analog cameras were the norm and were seen only in banks and large stores. These systems were very complex, expensive, and only offered marginal video quality. With great strides in technology however, new cameras are smaller, less expensive, less complicated, and more effective than ever before, and with expanded installation options, hard to monitor areas can now be covered.

NetCenter Technologies offers products from world leaders in video surveillance including ExacqVision and Samsung. We have experience designing and deploying systems with more than 500 cameras to installations with one to five cameras and can tailor a solution that suits your needs.

Digital Video Recording and Analog Cameras

Commercial Samsung and Panasonic System Solutions offer a wide selection of digital video recorders (DVRs) providing a solid video management system when combined with Samsung and Panasonic analog and digital cameras. Additionally, your existing analog cameras can be easily incorporated into these systems providing a cost effective solution.

Network Video Recordings (NVRs)

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